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Another Name For Thesaurus

'Mongrels' (music video)

Released August 1st for

Edinburgh Fringe Festival




“New Zealand’s Best-kept musical secret” – Capital Times (NZ)


Another Name For Thesaurus is a music show with a dash of comedy. It is lyrical, warm-hearted, and quirky. There will be story-telling to set the scene, pussy-licking to soften things up, and imaginative songs to get toes and hearts tapping.


“Like a Kiwi Billy Connelly” – The View


It is also, concurrently a two-week warm-up for the launch of Fraser Ross’s debut album, ‘Mongrels,’ which will be available in a special pre-release format from August 9th. Filled with big ideas, and raw production values, it is an intimate look inside the mind of “One of New Zealand’s most exciting young artists” (Landscape).


“Anything but middle of the road” – Newtown Festival (NZ’s biggest street festival)


Can you imagine a religious song called ‘Meow?’ Its most telling line is,

‘Every postman can deliver the mail!’ A nice thought about the subjectivity of truth.


How about a line from ‘Mongrels,’ the track that gave its name to his album. 

‘Life is a game, and if you want to win, all you have to do is have as much fun as you can!’


Expect some animal mimicry, conscious activism, colourful language, and the best vocal interpretation of pussy-licking this side of the wazoo. 

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